September  14 - 16, 2021
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BEZPEKA 2019 presents a new exposition AGRO BEZPEKA/SECURITY

In the framework of BEZPEKA 2019, a new exposition - AGRO Security has been created to address the pressing issues of security in the agricultural sector. The trade fair will be held on October 22 25 at the KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center.

The profitability of agribusiness is influenced by a number of factors. Some of them depend on the farmers themselves: experience, knowledge, application of advanced technologies. But there are also natural factors, which are quite difficult to control adverse weather and climatic conditions and illegal actions.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine reports: dozens of hectares of grain burn in Ukraine every day. According to preliminary estimates, this year the fire destroyed 5 times more grain than last year. Provision of modern systems and means of fire safety equipment involved in the harvest, compliance with fire requirements in places of harvesting, processing and storage of crops, fire instruction will save farmers millions of hryvnas.

Large agraries have learned to fight with the theft by using new technologies. For example, by installing a fuel monitoring and GPS-monitoring system on the equipment or using its own Friend-or-Foe system on each combine, which allows to unload grain only in an authorized car.

The latest security technologies for farmers will be presented on the AGRO Security exposition:

- Monitoring and video surveillance systems
- Video recorders, video-photo shooting and fixation
- Systems and means of fire safety
Access control means
- Security and perimeter control
- Security and fire alarm, smoke detectors, traffic, etc.
- GPS equipment for monitoring and control of transport, fuel, cargo
- Unmanned aerial vehicles, drones
- Automation of accounting processes and transport refueling
- Cloud, data storage

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