September  14 - 16, 2021
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SEC Group, participant of BEZPEKA 2019, presents a novelty in the world of metal detectors from the AOYODI brand -VO-1618.

VO-1618 a new arched metal detector from AOYODI, insensitive to interference.

Exclusive development of the brand with 9 operating frequencies easily allows to :
install several metal detectors of this model close to each other;
use VO-1618 in rooms made of metal (for example, warehouses, bank vaults, industrial premises, etc.);
combine the operation of the device with luggage scanners.

Other features of VO-1618:
6 / 12 / 18 independent detection zones (option)
quick sensitivity adjustment, separately for each zone, allows you to set the threshold of metal detection in objects from a kg bar to coins
the ability to save individual settings (more than 30 programs / presets) for different operating conditions (bank, hotel, etc.)
password protection against unauthorized changes of settings
built-in bright LED indicators on the racks, mark the area where the object was detected in
informative LCD-menu
automatic counter of people that have passed through the frame, and alarms
Case of metal detectors is waterproof, made of lightweight and durable ABS plastic the device can be used both inside and outside of buildings.
safe for pregnant women, people with cardiostimulators, etc
compliance with international standards of electrical safety and CE, ROHS, FSS
dimensions: 2181*910*600 mm / dimensions of the passage: 2045*750*513 mm / weight: 36 kg

The novelty has already arrived at the warehouse of the official distributor of the Aoyodi brand in Ukraine SEC Group and is available for testing and order.


The AOYODI ELECTRONIC CO., LTD company is the largest in Asia survey systems manufacturer, including arch, hand and ground metal detectors, in the security market since 2000.

The high quality of the produced equipment is proved by the fact that the Aoyodi brand overview systems were used during sports events and exhibitions of the world scale.

All products are marked CE, ROHS, FCC, comply with international safety standards and passed all necessary quality checks.

Aoyodi equipment is exported to Europe, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.

The company produces products with excellent price-quality ratio and seeks to support customers and partners in the development of their markets.

Official Aoyodi website with a list of distributors in Europe: