September  14 - 16, 2021
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Thematic areas

Technical security systems
1.1.Integrated security systems
1.2. Burglar alarms and alerts
1.3. Systems and communications
1.4. Intercom and video intercom
1.5. Systems of theft prevention
1.6. Systems of anti-espionage
1.7. Safes
1.8. Special transport, transport safety

CCTV Systems and hardware
2.1. Surveillance cameras
2.2. Cameras and night vision systems
2.3. Control of TV and video monitors
2.4. Equipment for receiving, processing and recording of video and TV-signal
2.5. Video recorders
2.6. Software for video surveillance, TV monitoring
2.7. IP -surveillance cameras
2.8. IP servers
2.9. Video monitoring systems of traffic

Fire and man-made safety systems and means
3.1. Emergency and fire warning
3.2. Automatic fire suppression systems
3.3. Smoke protection systems (systems of smoke and heat elimination)
3.4. Control panels and detectors
3.5. Centralized fire monitoring
3.6. Fire-prevention equipment, robots
3.7. Dispatching automation and fire alarm systems
3.8. Fire valves, fire doors, gates and curtains
3.9. Lightning
3.10. Fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing agents
3.11. Fire and explosion materials

Systems and means of access control
4.1. Control and access control systems
4.2. Automated electrical and mechanical barriers
4.3. Gates, doors, windows
4.4. Turnstiles
4.5. Checkpoints
4.6. Identification technologies: RFID, biometrics
4.7. Authentication technology
4.8. Production, engineering and personalization of cards
4.9. Terminals, scanners
4.10. Software

Systems and means for perimeter security
5.1. Technical reinforcement gear
5.2. Detectors, sensors for perimeter
5.3. Fencing systems
5.4. Automatic retractable barriers
5.5. Anti-ram devices
5.6. Optical and electronic sensors for perimeter
5.7. Means of sealing
5.8. Metal complexes
5.9. Additional protection (barbed tape, razor wire)

Banking security
6.1. Mini-Bank
6.2. ATMs, terminals
6.3. Roller cash
6.4. Safes
6.5. Custody equipment
6.6. Cases, boxes
6.7. Currency detectors, scanners

IT technology: telecommunications, information security, data processing centres
7.1. Security and data storages
7.2. Web application security
7.3. Safety of local and global networks
7.4. Antivirus protection
7.5. Encryption, public key infrastructure
7.6. Protecting information channels
7.7. Consulting, audit, training
7.8. The server equipment and data storage systems
7.9. Network equipment and cables
7.10. UPS
7.11. Voltage stabilizing devices
7.12. Data processing centers’ design
7.13. Storage and processing of data (DATA centers)
7.14. Data storage systems
7.15. Network equipment
7.16. Telecommunication equipment
7.15. System integration, development and implementation of IT solutions

Anti-terrorism and controlling equipment
8.1. Detectors for explosives, dangerous liquids, explosion localizers
8.2. Means for microphone jamming, tape recorders, radio explosive devices
8.3. Devices for forced stop of vehicles
8.4. Overview mirrors for examination
8.5. Metal detectors
8.6. X-ray systems (introscopes)
8.7. Examination centers

Uniform and equipment
9.1. Clothing, uniforms, hats, shoes, special fabrics
9.2. Individual passive protection (helmets, body armour, protective clothes)
9.3. Means of active defence (electric, gas cans)
9.4. Tactical ammunition (bags, covers, holsters, belts, vests and unloading systems) systems
9.5. Respirators, gas masks
9.6. First-aid kit
9.7. Chevrons, stripes, emblems
9.8. Accessories and equipment (lights, camera and video equipment)

Systems and hardware for transport safety
10.1. Systems of traffic video controlling
10.2. Safety of passengers and cargo
10.3. Software and systems of plates’ identification
10.4. Car alarm and antitheft devices
10.5. Satellite security systems for vehicles
10.6. Modern technologies (GPS / GSM / GPRS) of transport monitoring and control
10.8. Fuel consumption monitoring system
10.9. Software and satellite communications systems

Automation and building technologies
11.1. Automation and dispatching
11.2. Integrated security of buildings
11.3. Energy, energy distribution
11.4. Lighting control systems
11.5. Wiring accessories

Active network equipment
12.1 Switches
12.2 Concentrators
12.3 Network adapters
12.4 Routers
12.5 Print Servers
12.6 Modems
12.7 Controllers
12.8 Networking software

Passive network equipment
13.1 Sockets
13.2 Cables
13.3 Cable channels
13.4 Connectors
13.5 Patch panels
13.6 Patch Cords
13.7 Optical components
13.8 Server cabinets
13.9 wi-fi antennas

Safe power supply
14.1 Surge protectors
14.2 Uninterruptible power supplies
14.3 Power inverters
14.4 Accumulator batteries and accessories
14.5 Charging device
14.6 Voltage converters
14.7 Solar panels, inverters, controllers
14.8 Fittings

AGRO Security Exposition
15.1 Monitoring and video monitoring systems
15.2 Video recorders, video-photo shooting and fixing
15.3 Systems and means of fire safety
15.4 Access control means
15.5 Guard and control of the perimeter
15.6 Security and fire alarm, sensors of smoke, movement, etc.
15.7 GPS equipment for monitoring and control of transport, fuel, cargo
15.8 Unmanned aerial vehicles, drone
15.9 Automation of the processes of accounting work and refueling of transport
15.10 Cloud storage, data storage