14 - 16 ,  2021
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NBC Security, Inc.

/ Adress 774a, Walker Road, Great Falls, USA, 22066
. (703) 842-1807

NBC Security, , , . . , 7, . 245, . (96) 950-0054, infonbc-security.com
NBC Security, Inc. (NBCS) is a Global Defense Applications and Homeland Security consulting firm. We assist Defense, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement Governmental Agencies with design, procurement, and manufacturing of Application Solutions to Complex Defense and Security Challenges.
Homeland Security Systems Design.
Risk Assessment .
International Investigations and Due Diligence.
Industry Partnership.
Training programs:
Law Enforcement Training.
Forensic Sciences Training.
IT Security Training.
Cyber Security Solutions.
Secure Communincations Systems.
Encrypted Applications.
Spectrum Monitoring.
Signal Intercep and Analysis Systems.
Military Hardware (Army, Navy, Airforce).
Technology Acquisition (ITAR & US Export Laws Permitting).