24-26 ,  2022
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The INFOZAHIST company intensively works in the sphere of defense, safety and providing data security services for more than 15 years. The main activities of the company:
Military and civilian radio monitoring system, tasking of array systems for Radio Direction Finding (DF) and geolocation of High Frequency (HF) signals.
Countersurveillance systems and signals Intelligence, spectrum policing, detection, interception
and collection of signals of interest.
Creation and production of the unique software for defense, security and counterterror systems
INFOZAHIST is a stable, dynamically developing structure, which has significant creative and scientific potential.
The high quality of the products and services, provided by the company, is achieved owning to the employees of this company, who are real professionals, with a great experience in the field of data protection. We value our reputation and build our relationships with customers on the basis of trust, confidentiality and long-term cooperation.